iFixit – Essential Electronics Toolkit

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16 4mm precision screwdriver bits; easy-to-open magnetized case; lid with built-in sorting tray


  • iFixit economical do-everything toolkit
    This essential electronics toolkit is what you need for essential electronics repairs, such as screen and battery swaps and other household do-it-yourself fixes.
  • Angled tweezers
    These ESD-safe tweezers feature angled, pointed tips for hard-to-reach places.
  • Spudger tool
    An antistatic tool with pointed and flat ends for safely prying cables and sensitive electronics.
  • Jimmy tool
    A flexible steel blade with an ergonomic handle for precise and powerful prying.
  • Opening tool
    Gets into tight cracks without scratching or marking your workpiece.
  • Sixteen 4mm precision screwdriver bits
    Include Phillips (000, 00, 0, 1), Pentalobe (P2, P5), Flathead (1, 2.5, 4mm), Torx (T4, T5), Torx Security (TR6, TR8, TR10), Tri-Point Y000, and SIM eject bits.
  • Magnetized case
    This easy-to-open case has a built-in sorting tray inside.


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